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  • In the East and in South America, many people wear shoes made from old car tyres.
  • In Africa many people collect cow dung and dry it in the sun. The dry dung burns almost as well as

3 Using things sensibly

How Many People Conserve Energy

Sorting rubbish in the Philippines

Conservation means conserving things - saving them, or using them carefully. When you turn off the light in the daytime, you are conserving energy. When you write notes on the back of an old letter, you arc conserving materials. You are also conserving your money!

Recycling means conserving materials and energy by using things again instead of throwing them away. When you recycle glass, paper or metal you conserve materials, energy and money. Recycling is important for three reasons. It reduces pollution. It conserves energy and materials. And it saves money, which can then be spent on other things.

Pictures Recycle Things

Zabbaleen sorting rubbish Sorting rubbish for recycling, USA

Segregowanie Mieci

Recycling is not new! Many examples of recycling are found in the natural world. Dung may seem like a waste material to us, but to a dung beetle it is food. When an animal dies, its body can be used as food by other animals. I hey, like the dung beetle, are reducing pollution and recycling materials.

Some things which are useless today were once useful and valuable. A hundred years ago, dog dung was used in factories which made animal skins into shoes and bags. Some people collected dog dung in the streets of London and sold it to factories. Modern factories use chemicals . ..

In Cairo today, 25,000 people make a living from other people's rubbish. Every morning the Zabbaleen go out and search the rubbish dumps. They take the best things they find to sell in the market, but they also collect glass, metal, paper and rags which they sell for recycling. They collect food which they give to their animals. The Zabbaleen help to keep the city clean. All over the world, there are people who collect other people's rubbish and recycle it. They do a

Zabaleen City
A dung beetle

good job and conserve money and materials. And they do not cost the government anything.

In countries where there arc no people like the Zabbaleen, recycling costs the government a lot of money. People or machines are needed to search the dump for recyclable materials. It can seem cheaper to burn waste, or dump it in big holes, but this damages our environment.

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