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Pollution is not the only reason for recycling. It is important to reduce pollution, but there is another reason as well - the conservation of energy, materials and money.

Nothing lasts for ever. Almost all our energy comes from materials (oil, natural gas, etc.) which have been here since the world began. We are using them up very quickly. For example, unless we conserve our oil, it will only last for another twenty years. What will we do then?

Reusing is the easiest and cheapest kind of recycling. It saves a lot of energy, materials and money. Glass containers are easy to reuse. In Britain, the milkman brings bottles of milk to houses and collects the

Recycling milk bottles empty milk bottles. The bottles are cleaned and refilled. Every milk bottle can be reused thirty times.

Thirty years ago, drinks were sold in glass bottles and everyone paid a few pence deposit on the bottles. People took their empty bottles back to the shop and collected the money.

Then the glass industry began to produce No Deposit - No Return bottles which people could just throw away. This was very wasteful. In places where people still pay deposits, glass bottles are reused many times.

In industry, most glass is recycled, but ordinary people arc often too lazy to do this. They throw their bottles away, and the bottles are taken to the dump. It is possible for

A bottle bank

Recycling milk bottles

A bottle bank

People Taking Bottles Bottle Bank
Recycled aluminium

workers on the dump to separate glass from other waste - but it is much easier if ordinary people do the job for them. That is why there arc 'bottle banks' to encourage people to recycle glass. The glass is collected and taken to the factory. There it is broken up, melted and made into new bottles. Recycling glass conserves materials. It also conserves energy. Every tonne of recycled glass conserves 135 litres of oil!

People throw away billions of drink cans every year all over the world. Some cans arc recycled - but not enough. In Oregon the government made a new law several years ago. They said there must be a deposit on all drink cans. The deposit is returned when people bring the can back for recycling. In Oregon almost all drink cans arc recycled now. They are melted down and the metal is used again.

Most cans are made of steel, but some cans arc made of aluminium. You can recycle twenty old aluminium cans for the same amount of money and energy that it costs to make a new one.

The most valuable part of any drink can is the aluminium 'ring pull' for opening the can. Many people collect these for charity. The people of one village in the cast of England collected enough ring pulls to pay for a special bus for sick children.

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