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DISPOSAL: Donate eyeglasses to the needy instead of throwing them in the landfill. You will feel better and others will see better!

For more information CONTACT:


Grand Falls- Winsor 709-489-6515


St.John's 709-754-1180


Corner Brook 709-639-9167

For more information about the eyeglasses recycling program, contact your local Lion's Club.


PRODUCT: Fish, Shellfish & Fish offal


Waste generated by fisherpersons and fish plants.


Fish offal and shellfish wastes have caused health and environmental concerns due to poor storage, handling and/or disposal practices. Some of the problems which have been created include water pollution, fouled beaches, insect/rodent infestations and noxious odors. The Waste Material Disposal Act sanctions environmentally acceptable alternatives for the transport and disposal of fish, shellfish, and fish offal. Ocean dumping is regulated under the Government of Canada's Fisheries Act and must be approved by Environment Canada.



Do store and transport waste in leak-proof covered containers. Keep refrigerated.

Don't overload trucks while transporting materials.

Do deliver offal to a fish waste / meal processing plant. Plants utilized for chitin production, sauce production, and crafts and ornaments are acceptable.

Don't dump offal on land that is not part of an approved composting / land fertilization program or at any location other than a Waste Disposal Site and then only with consent of the site owner/operator.

Do dispose as a compost, soil conditioner, or fertilizer making sure that it is covered to control flies and odors. Written approval is

Don't dump at sea without a permit from Environment Canada.

required for establishing commercial compost facilities and for commercial compost spreading programs.

Don't dump over a wharf unless permitted.


Genesis Bioplex Industries Ltd

Phone: 753 - 1230 Fax: 737 - 2565

And Cape Broyle Composting Inc.

Phone: 432 - 2804


Quinlan Brothers AND Grand Atlantic Shellfish (Proposed)

For more information CONTACT:

Environment Canada :

Government Service Center

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