How To Know When The Compost Is Ready

The composting process can take from 2 months to 2 years, depending on the material used and the effort involved. To speed up the process, the pile should be a balance between wet and dry material, it should also be turned frequently and the waste should be shredded or in small pieces. Compost is ready to be used when it is dark in color, crumbly and has an "earthy" smell. You can shift the compost to eliminate material which has not yet finished composting. Return this back into the pile to complete its transformation into humus.

USES FOR COMPOSTED MATERIAL: ^ It can benefit soil and plants in many ways,

  • It increases the soil's organic mater content and it's moisture-holding capacity, ^ It improves soil porosity and helps to control soil erosion, and
  • It enhances plant and flower growth and helps plants to develop a sound root structure.
  • For more information contact The Composting Council of Canada at 16 Northumberland Street, Toronto,Ontario M6H 1P7, Website:

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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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