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Used hard cover & paperback books of all kinds: textbooks, novels, encyclopedias, magazines, comics, etc.


Your trash may be somebody else's treasure and this is usually the case with books. Some people are collectors, some are avid readers and browsers, while others chose to buy and resell used printed material. Printed materials may even be used as raw materials for art works and projects. Whatever the case, the landfill is no place for a good book, booklet, magazine. There are many bookstores which trade books or buy used books. Many charitable organizations accept donations of books. Books may be sold for charity, given to children's hospitals, used by educators as resource material, or given to those in need as part of continuing education within the province or worldwide. Daycares and preschools accept donations of old coloring books and children's books. Doctor's offices accept used magazines for their waiting areas. Libraries accept donations - particularly community based and volunteer driven libraries and school libraries.



Do donate books to a charitable organizations.

Don't throw books into the trash.

Do bundle your papers / books into manageable size parcels prior to transport to recycling facilities.

Do recycle your old newspapers.

Do sell or donate your books to used bookstores.


Reuse or charitable donations are an option.

  1. JOHN'S AREA :
  2. JOHN'S AREA :

Afterwards Bookstore

245 Duckworth St. 753 - 4690

The Book Closet

7 Commonwealth Ave 368 - 7323

Time Masters Inc.

183 A Duckworth St. 754 - 3654

Fine Line Book Store Ltd. Second Page Bookstore

664 Topsail Rd. 363 Water St.

Fall River Plaza 655 Topsail Rd.

38 Pearson Street 722 - 3638

: Value Village and Salvation Army Thrift Stores also accept and sell used books of all types.


221 Duckworth St.

726 - 9193

Penney Gerald Associates Ltd. (Nf & Labrador Books Only) 29 Smith Avenue 739 - 7227


The Book Worm Fraser Mall Gander, NF 651 - 2777

The Book Grotto

44 A Main Corner Brook 639 - 7750

The Book Hollow

Millbrook Mall Corner Brook 639 - 1949

DISPOSAL: Landfill or incineration at the municipal disposal site should be your last resort for disposal. If there are no secondhand book stores in your community then feel free to donate your old books to the local school or public library.

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