Registered Asbestos Abatement Contractors

EFCO Enterprises

Efficient Renovators Ltd.

Exploits Welding and Machine Shop Ltd.

Exploits Salvage and Demolition

Friede Goldman Newfoundland Limited

G.F. Murley Excavations

G.T.C. Safety Training & Consulting Services Giant Constuction Greens Asbestos Removal & Waste Disposal

Grenfell Regional Heallth Services

Guild Environmental

Guild Construction Specialities Ltd.

Hillier's Trades Ltd.

J.J.'s Trucking

Kaman Enterprises Inc.

Keystone Development Ltd.

Lambe Enterprises Limited

M.J. Hickey Construction Ltd.

MAC's Enterprises

Marcus Contracting

Mealey Mountain Contracting Ltd.

Mongul Incorporated

NCH Services Ltd.

Aspen Cove

Port aux Baxques St. John's

Happey Valley-Goose Bay

Stephenville Dunville

Goose Bay Torbay

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Stephenville Manuels

Grand Falls-Windsor Grand Falls-Windsor Marystown Corner Brook Bell Island Goulds

Mount Pearl St. John's

  1. John's Carbonear
  2. Anthony St. John's St. John's

Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro

Bishop Falls

NF Enviro Tech

St. John's

NF Asbestos Services


Pottle Enterprises Limited


Provincial Environmental Services Limited

Harbour Grace

RALCO Electrical Contractor

St. John's

Rogers Enterprises Ltd.


SERVCO Environment Limited

St. John's

ServiceMaster Lawn Care

St. John's

Solid Developments Limited


Sparcott Engineering Ltd.

Corner Brook

Spectrum Paint & Coating

St. John's

Terpstra Engineering Limited

Goose Bay

T.K. Electrical

Stephenville Crossing

Titan Waste Management (1990) Ltd.

Mount Pearl

Total Energy Control

Western Bay

Tristar Mechanical

St. John's

United Contracting

Port Blandford

W & J Construction Limited

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Licensed Asbestos Transporters:

All- Tech Environmental Services Ltd.

34 Pippy Place

754 -


Archer Industrial Supplies

1124 Topsail Rd.

747 -


Asbestos Services Inc

64 Pippy Place

579 -


Collins Contracting Ltd.


227 -


Donalco Atlantic Inc.

782 -


Envirotech Solutions Ltd.

349 Kenmount Rd.

753 -


Guild Contracting Specialties Ltd.

Donovan's Industrial

368 -


Hunt Granville

Bells Island

468 -


Keating Insulation Inc.

3 Stephanie Ave.

782 -


Marcus Contracting Ltd.

Ewing's Rd, Manuels

744 -


Petrell Technologies Ltd.

155 Water St.

739 -


Pinchin LeBlanc Environmental Ltd.

21 Mews Place

754 -


Power Vac Services

14 Pearl Place

747 -

Dry cell batteries: Landfill is the only present option. Refer to template.

Lead - acid batteries: Retailers which sell the batteries will accept old ones for recycling. Metal recyclers will usually accept lead - acid batteries as well.

Central Metals

53 McCurdy Drive

256 - 7780

  • Dominion Recycling Ltd. 377 Empire Ave. 753 - 6158
  • Maritime Recycling Ltd 275 Southside Rd. 753 - 1505
  • Newfoundland Recycling Ltd Long Pond 834 - 2064 Rechargeable Batteries: Many electronic retail outlets will take spent rechargeable batteries for recycling. RBRC boxes are located in Government buildings, Radio Shack stores, Canadian Tire stores and many other point of purchase retail stores across the province.

BOOKS/MAGAZINES: Refer to template for a listing of bookstores.

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