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[1] An Assessment : Could Weapon-grade Pu be an Asset for Managing Pu Inventories?

FEX Report SR 9506 (commercial)

[2] Disposition of Weapons Grade Pu-Analysis of the best way : MOX Fuel,

A. Decressin & E. Vanden Bernden

2nd Annual Int'1 Policy Forum : Management and Disposition of Nuclear Weapons Materials, Lansdowne, VA, 21-24 March 1995

  • 3] Pu Inventory in Western and Eastern Europe, FEX Report 9502 (commercial)
  • 4] White Paper on Nuclear Energy,

Atomic Energy Commission, Japan, Nov 94

[5] Nuclear Power, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Management : Status and Trends 1994,

Part C of the IAEA Yearbook 1994, STI/PUB/956, Sept 94

[6] Actinide Database and Fuel Cycle Balance, P. Chantoin & M. Pecnik

ANS Summer Meeting, San Diego, June 93

[7] MOX Fuel in PWRs : Status and Outlook, M. Delor et al,

ENC'94 Int'l Nuclear Congress, Lyon, 2-6 Oct 94

[8] Reprocessing, Conditioning and Recycling for a Positive Back end Strategy,

J-L. Ricaud, U Instit Annual Symp, London 9 Sept 94

[9] Optimal Involvement of Pu in Thermal and Fast Reactor Fuel Cycles in Russia,

V.M. Murogov et al

Fuel Management and Handling, BNES Int'l Conf, Edinburgh, 20-22 March 95

[10] Utilization of Pu in Nuclear Power Industry of Russia, V.M. Murogov et al

Int'l Policy Forum : Management and Disposition of Nuclear

Weapon Materials,

Leesburg, VA, 8-11 March 1994

[11] Der Ubergang auf fortschrittliche DWR-MOX-Brennelemente mit erhöhtem Pugehalt,

JK'94, Stuttgart, 17-19 Mai 94

[12] FRAMATOME's Experience in Nuclear Design of MOX FAs, Fl Guyot et al,

[13] Introduction of MOX Fuel in Belgium NPPs - from Feasibility to Final Implementation,

Fuel Management and Handling, BNES Int'l Conf, Edinburgh, 20-22 March 95

[14] Design of a Gd Bearing MOX Fuel Assembly, K. Yamate et al

[15] Feasibility of MOX Fuel, J. Afonso,

TOPFUEL' 95, Würzburg, 12-15 March 95

[16] Experience in PWR and BWR MOX Fuel Management,

G. Schlosser et al, Nucl Techn, April 93

[17] Laying the Foundations for Pu Recycle in LWRs

H. Bairiot

Nucl Eng Int 29, Jan 84

International Programme organized by BELGONUCLEAIRE

[19] Reduction of Nuclear Waste Toxicity by Actinide Recycling in Fast and Thermal Reactors,

Th Maldague et al SAFEWASTE, Avignon, June 93

[20] Gefährungspotential radioaktiver Abfälle, P-W. Phiippen et al

ATW 40 Heft 6, Juni 1995

[21] Magnox Power Station End of Life Fuel Management T.Y. Stokoe

Fuel Management and Handling, BNES Int'l Conf, Edinburgh, 20-22 March 95

[22] MOX Fuel Fabrication and Experience at the BELGONUCLEAIRE and CFCa Plants and further Developments for the MELOX Plant, D. Haas et ai

Nucl Technol, 1Ö6, April 94

[23] Commercial MOX Fuel Manufacture-Design for minimum Dose Detriment

A.J. Cooper et al

Fuel Management and Handling, BNES Int'l Conf, Edinburgh, 20-22 March 95

[24] Disposition of Surplus Separated Plutonium, Influence of Interim Storage of Plutonium,

A. Decressin and E. Vanden Bernden

NATO Int'l Scientific Exchange Programme,

Obninsk, 16-18 October 94


AEC : Atomic Energy Commission

AGR : Advanced GCR

ATR : Advanced Thermal Reactor : heavy water moderated, light water cooled calandria type (Japan)

CANDU : Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor (Canada)

CPu : Civilian grade Pu

CR : Control Rod

EC : European Commission

FA : Fuel Assembly

FEX : Nuclear Fuel Experts, sa

FNR : Liquid Metal (cooled) Fast Neutron Reactor

GCR : Gas Cooled Reactor (Magnox and UNGG)

HTR : High Temperature Gas (cooled) Reactor

IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency

LWR : Light Water (cooled and moderated) Reactor

MSR : Molten Salt (cooled and refuelled) Reactor

NATO : North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NF : Nuclear Fuel

NPP : Nuclear Power Plant

OECD : Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development

ORNL : Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Put : total Pu, i.e. all the Pu isotopes and the Am 241

resulting from decay of Pu 241

RIA : Reactivity Initiated Accident

RPu : Reactor grade Pu

START : Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty

UOX : Uranium Oxide (UO2, generally U enriched)

WAGR : Windscale AGR

WPu : Weapon grade Pu


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