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Dr John Scheirs is a polymer research specialist with an emphasis on plastic recycling and pyrolysis of waste plastics into fuels. He serves as a consultant for Ozmotech Australia and has worked on the development of their Thermofuel process which can convert unwashed mixed plastics into low-sulfur diesel transportation fuel. He has studied the pyrolysis of HDPE, PP, PET and engineering plastics.

John Scheirs is the author of the leading book on plastics recycling entitled Polymer Recycling: Science, Technology and Applications published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Chichester in 1998. He is also a member of the editorial board of the international journal Polymer Degradation and Stabilization, Elsevier Scientific, Netherlands.

John Scheirs is now the principal consultant with ExcelPlas Polymer Technology where he specializes in polymer recycling, polymer degradation, polymer processing and testing.

Professor Walter Kaminsky was born 1941 in Hamburg and studied chemistry at the University of Hamburg. His thesis was in the field of metallocene chemistry and his habilitation in the field of recycling of polymers by pyrolysis. Since 1979, he has occupied the role of Full Professor of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Hamburg.

He is currently supervising a group of 15 students and scientists in the field of pyrolysis of plastic waste in a fluidized bed process and a group in the field of metal-locene/methylaluminoxane chemistry. His past experience includes the development of pilot plants for the feedstock recycling of plastic wastes and scrap tires, and discovering highly active metallocene catalysts for the polymerization of olefins. He has published more than 300 papers and books and holds 20 patents. He has organized several international symposia in the field of pyrolysis and olefin polymerization.

In 1987 he received, together with Hansjorg Sinn, the European Research Prize for the development of the Hamburg process for pyrolysis of polymers. In 1997 he received the Carothers Award of the American Chemical Society (Delaware Section), and in the same year the Walter Ahlstrom Prize in Helsinki, Finland. Since 1998 he has been an Honorary Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry in London, and Honorary Professor of the Zhejiang University in China. In 1999 he received the Benjamin Franklin Medal for Chemistry, Philadelphia and in 2003 the Hermann Staudinger Prize of the German Chemical Society (GDCh).


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