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Published by Smithers Rapra, 2007 ISBN: 978-1-84735-078-7

Introduction to Plastics Recycling provides information on plastic materials and technology in relation to the options for, and problems associated with, recovering and recycling plastics.

This new edition discusses the increase in recycling rates worldwide in recent years. It considers the expansion of infrastructure in the UK to support plastic recycling, and major achievements that have been made in gaining widespread public support and participation for recycling schemes.

It considers relevant issues, such as the biodegradability versus recycling debate; broad policies including council recycling of plastic bottles; the practice of providing free plastic carrier bags by supermarkets; through to individual steps to reduce household waste. This edition further expands on the wider context of plastics waste management, life cycle analysis and legislation.

Introduction to Plastics Recycling is written in a clear style by an accomplished expert in the field, with explanations of terminology and useful illustrations. It is accessible to a broad audience both within and outside the polymer industry as a useful guide to the ongoing developments in plastics recycling.


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