Creation of a Recycling and Recovery Infrastructure for Plastics

This chapter steps away from the technology of plastics recycling to look at the bigger issues facing the plastic recycling industry. Chapter 1 highlighted the issue that for plastics recycling to be sustainable long term, a balance must be reached between the technology, economics and the environmental issues. The plastics recycling industry must be self-supporting. In order for this situation to be reached a number of criteria must be met:

  1. The development of cost effective sorting and recycling technologies capable of creating quality materials from waste materials.
  2. The design of parts that can be recycled easily (design for recycling, DFR).
  3. The design of parts that can be disassembled easily (design for disassembly, DFD).
  4. The creation of markets for recyclate.
  5. The creation of a recycling infrastructure, allowing post consumer waste to move through the reprocessing chain in a timely and effective manner.
  6. Quality must be assured.
  7. The 'inferior goods' tag attached to recyclates must be removed.
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