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O Raising awareness on waste minimisation, reuse and recycling issues is required at all levels ie:

g • designers/specifiers u • suppliers

  • manufacturers
  • owners/clients oí • contractors g • site managers

^ • labourers, o vo This can be achieved by increasing the amount of communication between the different parties o At present none of the information required is in an easily accessible form to all. Meaningful communications can be achieved by the use of:

a) Videos

Three training videos on construction site waste minimisation and recycling issues exist at present Two have been produced by Skoyles and one by Demex.

S,te Poster? have been uset' successfully in the past. A building products company in association £ with British Polythene produced 100,000 site posters to promote their recent packaging collection fl and recycling initiative. Freephone numbers were advertised and a free collection service

O provided for any packaging on site.

10 70

cd 72

-h c) Booklets/Manuals/Guides

The National Rivers Authority has produced a series of one page 'Pollution Prevention Guidelines' (e.g. Working at Demolition and Construction Sites, 17 December 1992). These outline the main issues, including a section on the relevant legislation, and provide sources of further information as well as freephone hotline for use in the event of an emergency. A similar approach could be adopted in terms of waste minimisation and recycling.

In January 1993, the CBI published 'Reducing the burden of waste-guidelines for business'. It is a quick reference, easy-to-read booklet with a basic step-by-step approach, highlighting the main principles involved. A similar booklet on waste minimisation and recycling in construction should be prepared for use on site. It should provide advice on what to do with waste materials, how best to handle and store them, and give a list of recycling operatives/contractors who would be willing to accept or buy the collected materials.

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