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The Duty of Care

Section 34 of the EPA imposes a Duty of Care with respect to waste on any person who imports, produces, carries, keeps, treats or disposes of controlled waste. The Government produced further guidance in this matter with the introduction of the Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations, 1991. The Duty of Care came into effect in April 1992, and guidance is available in the form of the publication "The Duty of Care: Code of Practice".

Waste Disposal Plans

Section 50 of the EPA 1990 requires Waste Regulatory Authorities to produce waste disposal plans. These plans must consider the availability and need for waste management facilities of various types and should include estimates of the type and quantity of controlled waste arisings.

Waste Recycling Plans

Section 49 of the EPA 1990 requires Waste Collection Authorities to produce recycling plans. The Government has set the target of recycling 25% of all household waste by the year 2000, but this is not compulsory. It does not include construction and demolition waste.

However, it should be mentioned that DoE Waste Management Paper No 28 Recycling (1991b), which provides guidance to local authorities in their task of drawing up recycling plans, draws attention to the potential for demolition and construction wastes, such as the segregation of ^ hardcore, paving slabs and soils at civic amenity sites.

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