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Proponents of recycling often claim that it "saves resources." They focus on the saving of a particular resource, like the current posters up around Drake stating that "for every ton of recycled newspaper, 17 trees are saved."

That is true, but the long term effects of recycling are detrimental. More trucks and more resources are required to handle the massive bulk of recycling, and all of that transportation ultimately does more harm than good. According to Franklin Associates, an environmental research firm, an extensive recycling program is 35 percent more costly than conventional trash disposal. Curbside recycling pick-ups, the kind most people do, is a staggering 55 percent more costly than a conventional landfill.

Recycling requires twice as many trucks, twice as much gas consumption, and thus twice as much atmospheric pollution. If nothing else, recycling still offers the average citizen a sense of duty and action, like they are really helping to save the world.

"It makes me feel good to be eating at a restaurant or something and to see '100 percent recycled paper' on napkins or placemats," says RHA [Residence Hall Association] recycling activist Liz Pope.

Recycling can help matters to a certain extent, but ultimately it is a counter-productive procedure. Recycling ultimately exacerbates the problems it wishes to solve in the first place.

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