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The most important issue to guide the project team during the design phase of a building project will be the need to evaluate the costs and benefits of designing to facilitate reuse or recycling. Only in this way can the many competing demands on time and resources be established and balanced.

The answer to the question above will depend fundamentally on who you are:

  • a client (and what type of client)
  • a designer (engineering, architect)
  • another member of project team
  • a manufacturer of a product or material.

Some possible answers to the question are:

fi to satisfy the client's brief (if so, what aim lies behind the brief?) to reduce the whole-life environmental impact of a particular project to maximise the value of a building (or some of its elements) that is required for only a short period of time to reduce certain types of materials going to landfill to reduce quantities of materials going to landfill to reduce a future liability to pay landfill tax to reduce the risk of financial penalties in the future to promote your firm as being concerned for the environment to promote a product that is well-suited to reuse to promote a product that is well-suited to recycling to develop the skills of designing for reuse or recycling in anticipation of future pressures to do so.

Key stakeholders in a building project can undertake a cost/benefit analysis:

  • the benefits of designing to facilitate deconstruction
  • to whom the benefits accrue
  • the value of these benefits to each beneficiary
  • the cost to each beneficiary of achieving the benefits.

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