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using easily-reversible fixing, eg fixing of skirtings to walls. This makes deconstruction without damage more difficult if not impossible.


It is one thing to design a building for deconstruction to facilitate reuse or recycling; it is quite another to ensure that it is actually constructed that way. Designers' proposals and intentions are often changed between detail design and the completion of a building. Those who control the final specification of materials and equipment will have the final say, and they are likely to be 0 driven by other goals such as capital cost and the construction programme. Q

^ The client's or design team's wishes will be achieved only if an effective delivery system is implemented. In this respect the O process mirrors that needed to achieve good quality in finished buildings, which is usually delivered by implementation of an effective quality management system that can be certified against ISO 9001 (Quality Assurance). The delivery of design-for-

0 deconstruction can be considered as one aspect of the environmental performance of a building. The delivery process could m ¡=¡

therefore be addressed by an Environmental Management System covered by ISO 14GG1 [see CIRIA publication Environmental

^ management in construction, C533].

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