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Make it easier to ascertain at deconstruction the materials available for recycling:

  • seek from manufacturers details of all materials used in building components
  • provide relevant information for those engaged in deconstruction (see Section 2.3.4).

Consider carefully which materials are used:

■ do not specify materials that cannot be recycled because they are hazardous. (See Restriction of Hazardous Substances a

specify materials that can be recycled by taking advice from those engaged in the recycling industries (see Appendix B) specify materials for which a recycling market exists by taking advice from those engaged in the recycling industries (see Appendix B).

Design the product in a way that makes separation for recycling easy and safe:

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  • 3 ■ maximise the amount of materials that can be easily separated from each other
  • ensure materials are clean (eg unpainted, free from glue) or cleanable when they have been separated
  • ensure materials cause no harm during deconstruction (eg toxic emissions, leechate)
  • design buildings using as few different materials as possible to reduce the number of separation processes

CM ■ with the possible recovery of embodied energy by incineration in mind, consider carefully which materials are specified -

cm do not use materials that release toxic products when incinerated (see Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) - 2003)

■ design the product in a way that allows incineration to be easy and safe, for example, by ensuring that materials to be incinerated are not bonded to materials that cannot or should not be incinerated.

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