Recycling concrete Wessex Water

The exposed concrete soffit incorporated aggregate made from crushed railway sleepers.

Architect Rab Bennetts Associates; Engineers: Buro Happold

Photo courtesy of Mandy Reynolds, Buro Happold

Photo courtesy of Mandy Reynolds, Buro Happold

Neither composite floors such as "Slimdeck" nor reinforced floors can be disassembled. For structural reasons they use permanent bonding between the steel and concrete, resulting in limited potential for reuse. Recycling by crushing and separation of the materials is a common practice.

Precast floor panels, usually forming part of a proprietary system, can be separated from the structural frame, and are often lifted from the frame and crushed at ground level. They also have potential for reuse provided they are not damaged and a similar ^ structural grid is used. Separation of the floor panels from the frame is more difficult where screed has been poured on top.

  • J The majority of foundations (up to 90 per cent) are typically constructed of reinforced concrete. Slabs and footings are usually r^ easy to remove and can be reused or recycled by crushing for use as aggregate, fill material or piling mats. (D i—l
  • Concrete piles are more difficult to deal with as they are cast into the ground, which makes them very difficult to remove.
  • Common practice is to remove the pile cap (which may be recycled) leaving the remainder in the ground. This may cause
  • problems for installation of new foundations during subsequent redevelopment, as they will affect the location and effectiveness of q new piles.
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