IDIS International Dismantling Information System


The automotive industry has responded to stringent legislation concerning disposal of materials by joining forces. IDIS, the International Dismantling Information System was originally developed by 10 European car manufacturers and was intended to provide dismantlers with valuable information for an environmentally-sound treatment of end-of-life vehicles (ELV). This has subsequently grown into the IDIS 2 Consortium representing 23 automotive manufacturers, including all major manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Korea and the United States.

The IDIS 2 Consortium has developed software which allows visualisation of the components of cars and contains a database of 450 vehicles (around 30 000 parts) for all 23 manufacturers. The IDIS software consists of two modules:

  • IDIS Plant is for vehicle dismantlers. This module contains essential information filtered by materials, or parts of the vehicle. It also consults specific manuals and provides information on disassembly times. IDIS Plant enables the user to define groups of materials which will be stocked in the same bin during the recycling process. It will also be able to add a criterion about the weight of the part in addition to criteria about materials.
  • IDIS Office is for car manufacturers. This module includes functions enabling the management of brands and models, of parts and links between schematics and technical data, and of glossaries (name of the parts, tools, fixings, etc) in eight languages.

Right: A screen from the IDIS software showing the different materials (colour coded) used for exterior fittings of a Smart Car. The data available for each component includes the material, its mass, the fixings, the tools needed for its removal and the method.

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