The Economics of Recycling Construction Waste

This section consists of the Recycling Economics Worksheet and two examples of how the worksheet has bëen filled out for local projects. Building professionals, waste haulers, and anyone else interested are encouraged to make copies of the worksheet for use and distribution.

The worksheet is designed so that builders and haulers can estimate the amounts of various waste types expected to result from a project, then plug in hauling and other costs for recycling. Two methods of recycling are considered: on-site separation of recyclable materials and off-site sorting of mixed waste to recover at least three types of materials by a waste hauler, transfer station, or materials recoveiy facility. Please note that the Markets Directory includes a listing of some of the businesses providing this service in the Twin Cities area.

Beacause the numbers inserted by users of this worksheet are estimates, the results will necessarily be estimates.

Recycling Economics Worksheet Residential And Commercial Construction

The following worksheet is designed to help determine the cost effectiveness of recycling waste materials generated by a, given construction project. Supplemental worksheets used for calculating certain items are provided on a separate sheet. The process allows you not only to calculate the actual costs and benefits of recycling, but to factor in (separately) the intangible benefits of a recycling program.

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