Step Three Estimate the Intangible Benefits of Recycling

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Does your client respond to environmental concerns and values? Will recycling improve your company's public image or improve relations with the community? Will the implementation of a recycling program give you the edge over a competitor bidding at a similar price? Does recycling contribute to your company by giving employees a sense of \ ' satisfaction? Estimate the intangible benefits of recycling below:

14a Public relations value of recycling 14a $__

14b Value of recycling to your company i4b $_

15 Total intangible benefits: Add lines 14a and 14b 15 $.

16 . Insert total from line 8 or line 13 (whichever is higher) 16 $.

17 Total benefit (or cost, if less than zero) of recycling: Add lines 15 and 16 17 $.

■If line 17 is greater than zero, the intangible benefits of recycling make it effective overall. If line 17 is less than zero, it shows the total cost of recycling for the project including intangible benefits.

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